Mishraz Lotus Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (MLN) is registered as a private IT company in Nepal with a vision to serve globally in the field of IT serving since 2013.

  • Hardware: Laptop, Desktop, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse,
  • Electrical Appliances: Different Kind of online UPS, Inverter, Solar, Educational Equipment, Projectors
  • Scanners, Printers,
  • Medical Equipment supply and support,
  • Software: Development of educational tool, engineering tools, admin tools, inventory management, App developments
  • Network Support and Configuration: Mikrotik, Nanostation, Ubiquiti Unifi with Firewall support
  • Windows Server Support
  • Data Entry and Analysis
  • Report Preparation
  • POS Import and configuration

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Mishraz Lotus Nepal Pvt. Ltd.


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